The Ulster County Service Center places residents in touch with the programs and services offered by County Government. The Ulster County Service Center allows residents to ask for information, report an issue, and request County services, and more. Currently there are two ways access our Center: Call Center and the website.

Calls that enter the Call Center are answered by an Agent, who can either provide the requested information, route your call to an appropriate Department for further assistance, or create a service ticket to address a request for service. The caller receives a ticket number and can track the progress of the request.

Residents who visit our website can either find out information about programs and services or create their own service request tickets to report an issue or request a County service.

COMING SOON: The Ulster County Service Center will have a free mobile app that may be available on both IOS and Android devices and may be downloaded either through the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store. Other expanded services that include the ability to create a user account to track and have record off all service requests created and SMS messaging system to send important notifications. Keep checking out our website to see when these will be available to you!